Waterproof Dog Leash

You're awesome, your dog is awesome. Let our dog leash bond your awesomeness together so you can safely and comfortably give'r together. Our new model is focused on longevity - with the entire leash being coated to ensure it remains waterproof...and more importantly stink-proof... for all the long adventures you have ahead of you both. Hike, walk, run, people watch, play in the rain, eat ice cream -- whatever you fancy -- your duo will look mighty fine for the long haul with this Waterproof Leash!

- Length of 5 feet
- Features 2" heavy duty swivel lobster clip (snap hook) for easy clipping
- PVC coated to ensure waterproof, no smell, durable, and easy to clean
- Custom Teton Mountain graphic webbing
- Metal rivets used for all closures to ensure superior strength and durability
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