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A couple months ago we kicked-off our team bookclub, thanks to our rockstar Chief of Staff, Amber Lee. The book club immediately became important to us as a team when it comes to understanding each other, our collective goals, and where we may have room to grow. Reading and learning together encourages us to step outside our comfort zones and give’r in new ways both professionally and in our personal lives.

During the month of June, we tackled Dare to Lead: Brave Work, Tough Conversations, Whole Hearts written by Brené Brown. Brown delves into her extensive research regarding vulnerability, shame, and empathy and how moving through shame, expressing vulnerability, and learning how to lean into others with empathy, strengthens the impact of a leader within their organization.

She explains that doing the work to figure out how shame is standing in the way in the beginning saves companies massive amounts of time, money, and energy in addition to creating a space where everyone feels confident expressing their ideas, asking questions, and bringing their unique skills to the table. 

As a team, we shared ways that we miss opportunities for empathy, ways we can “rumble” with vulnerability, and ways we can stop letting shame prevent us from showing up fully as ourselves. Additionally, we each have defined our top two core values and shared what kind of support we need from each other to stick to those values. The back-and-forths we’ve had, openness we’ve embraced, and growth we have already seen within our team is nothing short of phenomenal. 

Brown has really pushed us to be brave, ask the hard questions, and listen with empathy. Giving something your all isn’t an act we can do alone and reading Dare to Lead reminded us that given’r doesn’t happen in a single day or moment. Giving it your all requires support from your community and the courage to move through the challenges that stand in your way. We’re so grateful for Brown’s wisdom and highly recommend this read for all growing companies!

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