Lightweight Gloves 2.0: Built For Work

The New 2.0 Lightweight Give'r Gloves

Complacency isn’t really our thing.

Ever since our inception as a company, we have consistently sought out innovative and exciting ways to improve our products with the goal of creating a better, more engaging experience for those who are using them. As our community has grown, we’ve asked for input directly from you awesome folks in order to craft gloves that serve the hands that use them. In line with previous product evolutions such as the 2.0 Solstice Solar Hoodie and the 4-Season Gloves, Give’r gear is built with open ears.

And in this spirit, we are stoked to be soon releasing a new and improved version of our current warm-weather workhorses, the Lightweight Gloves 2.0, COMING SOON! These gloves are made for work: home improvement, construction projects, gardening, maintenance, yard work, and any other spring and summer projects.

We have added an interior laminate for a smoother, softer fit. Note this is not an insulative layer but rather allows the leather to hold it shape resulting in a more robust glove.

So what's changed?

We have implemented a laminate on the interior, creating a smoother, softer texture for a long-lasting and comfortable fit. While the gloves will maintain their nature as unlined, non-insulated workhorses made for warmer days, the thicker hide makes them an overall more robust glove. The improved leather may slightly increase the break-in period, but this is a small, intentional trade-off for the increased durability and longevity.

Woman working on goat farm with Lightweight Gloves

A few notes on sizing and break-in.

As for sizing, our general guidelines from the first edition of the Lightweight Gloves certainly apply, but there are a couple things to keep in mind. If this is your first pair of Give’r gloves, use the sizing chart linked above to find your fit. The Lightweights are designed to be a relaxed fit so, if you are between sizes, we recommend sizing down. For those that have already treated their hands to a pair of Give’r gloves, we generally encourage y’all to drop down one size from your previous pair of Classics, 4-Seasons, or Frontier Mittens. (Example: If your 4-Seasons are a XL, grab a L for Lightweights.)

The oven-method break-in process works great on these gloves to get that molded fit, but it doesn’t take much to work in the Lightweights. These gloves are built to perform right out of the box, and are ready to tackle any tasks as soon as you are.

Stay tuned - exclusive access to grab your 2.0 Lightweight Gloves before anyone else is coming soon! 

Man in Lightweight Gloves hauling hay on farm
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