The Warmest, Toughest Mittens You'll Ever Find

The Give’r Frontier Mittens are all-leather exterior mittens made of premium cowhide, a superior insulation system, and a 100% (not just resistant or “kinda-sorta”...we’re talking 100%) waterproof membrane. They will keep your hands nice and cozy — even in extreme cold.

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Give'r Tested: From The Everyday To The Extremes

We've tested the Frontier Mittens in the most extreme conditions so you don’t have to. They've received their seal of approval for temperatures ranging from -40°F to 400°F so no matter the situation, these mitts have got you covered.

Give'r Tested Frontier Mittens

Forged in the valley of Jackson Hole, Wyoming, home of the iconic Teton Mountain Range, the Frontier Mittens have come face to palm with snow, rain, wind, hail, dirt, frost, mud, sleet, ice, fire, and also a fair amount of time under the sun. They’ve handled granite, steel, concrete, and rebar and have come out strong and unbroken. 

Tested to the extremes? Check.

Give'r Frontier Mitten Temperature Range


Multi-Layer Insulation For Max Functionality

The Frontier Mitten design ensures you get the perfect fit.  As they’re worn, your hands and fingers gradually form, shape and settle the insulation system, resulting in a mitten that molds to your hands. The outcome — an unparalleled, custom-made fit that gets better the more you wear them, just like your favorite baseball mitt growing up.

Frontier Mitten Layer Breakdown

Frontier Mitten Insulation Breakdown

Each level of the insulation system was thoroughly tested and selected to work together and ensure insane warmth that feels AMAZING. Between the leather shell and insulation layering system lies the waterproof Hipora Membrane - ensuring your mittens are 100% waterproof. This technology is proven to keep water out while remaining breathable for water vapor to escape. Leather exterior will show water absorption but the Hipora Membrane ensures your hands stay warm and dry.

Dunking Frontier Mittens in boiling water


Wax On, Wax Off

All Frontier Mittens are also baked & hand-waxed with an all-natural beeswax. This naturally “bomb-proofs” your mittens —increasing leather longevity, retaining natural moisture content and enhancing weatherproofing.

Hand waxing the Frontier Mittens


Hand-Branded Initials

Claim your mittens as your own! In proper western fashion, we take great pride in our workmanship, attention to detail, and ability to hand brand your initials on each of your mittens. This customization is the real deal and will make sure everyone knows these are YOUR mittens — ensuring you don’t lose ‘em or have them running off in your buddies or kids’ gear bag.

Hand-branding Frontier Mittens


Bring On The Cold

So don’t let the cold, or fear of the cold, prevent you from experiencing life and doing what you love. Whether you’re skiing or boarding your favorite hill, walking the dog, kicking back on the chair lift, out on the boat with your crew, ripping your sled through the “white room”, or ice fishin’ at your favorite spot, our Frontier Mittens will make sure your hands stay dry and warm so you can give’r all you got! Grab your pair, get 'em hand-branded, and put these mittens through hell - they'll come back ready for more. All pairs of Frontier Mittens come with attachable wrist leashes so you can keep your friends close and your gloves closer.

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