Your Brand, Your Hand: How We Personalize

Custom Give'r Gloves

The Best Brand Is Your Own

We're passionate about our products, but even more so about the community of individuals who use them to explore and appreciate the world around them. That’s why we have made our hand-branding processes a staple of our operation. Our tried-and-true approach to leather branding is inspired by our western roots and wholehearted belief that the best brand is your own.

Our Branding Processes

We use two branding processes at our Jackson, WY headquarters. The first one is a hand brand using a wood-burning pen. It’s a classic take on our classic products. Available on all gloves and mittens and done by our HQ branders, each pair is unique to the hands that use them.

The second branding process is called iron-branding. Utilizing a different type of brand – this one much like the type used on livestock – this option is geared towards custom offerings where things such as logos (and more) are branded into your gloves or mittens, rather than initials.

We are STOKED to be rolling this option out for limited edition Colorado-specific gloves. Colorado folks – keep a lookout!

There is no machine involved in either of these branding methods, and with the iron-branding specifically, we tip our hat to our predecessors out west, the ranchers who used this method for generations and still do to this day.

Custom branding Give'r gloves

Need Some Custom Gloves?

If you are interested in a custom order using iron-branding, the process is easy. You can submit the form our our Group Sales page or contact Wes, our sales lead, directly. Give him a ring - all contact info can be found on the Group Sales page.

No matter what method suits your needs – you can be assured that our team here in Jackson – with their steady hands and western grit – will get you set for all of life’s adventures.

Honor Your Brand

We feel so strongly about our signature branding capabilities because they harken us back to our roots, back to a time when hides and leather goods were branded to claim ownership and establish identity.

Today, it also creates a sense of profound connection and belonging to each step of the process. Our approach honors the unique aspects of the leather, the hands that slip into them, and the work that can’t be done without them. Our personalization process bonds us to every person who wears our gloves—and we’re proud to sear both of our names on the finished product.

It's not just a logo; it's a symbol of the community you're now a part of and the adventures that await you. Go on and give’r, we’ll see you out there.

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