4-Season Give'r Gloves: Fit, Breaking In and Care Instructions

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4-Season Give’r Glove Care

The 4-Season Gloves were designed and constructed to be unique and to allow for maximum functionality, versatility and durability for your work, play and everything in between.  These crafted all-leather gloves can be utilized in every season and countless conditions, though they particularly excel in cold-weather scenarios.

Each pair have their own character, as the cow leather itself has unique aesthetics and natural variations in tone and results from tanning in sunlight.  Contrary to synthetic or hybrid gloves, your 4-Season Gloves will break in quickly once put to use, as the leather will form around your hand and fingers and the insulation will "pack down" ever so slightly.  This results in a form fitting and versatile glove that serves more of an extension of your hand (with superior protection from the elements) rather than a bulky mass that covers your hands and fingers.

It is intended that your 4-Season Gloves have a snug fit at first, as the design accounts for the break in process that occurs with further use.  The significance of this progression from snug to form fitting glove is the key takeaway from all glove testers and prototype evaluations in the 2 years of 4-Season Glove development.


  • To clean the gloves, use a damp cloth to wipe away dirt from surface of gloves.  Do not submerge in water or use soap.
  • Do not turn gloves inside out, as the insulation and membrane layers can be difficult to put back into place.
  • We do not advise you to wash the 4-Season Gloves frequently.  If you do wash them, put gloves on and use a small amount of mild soap and lukewarm water.  Do not twist, but gradually squeeze the water out and proceed with drying at room temperature.  Can use fan for increased rate of drying.


Choosing to Give’r often means taking the road less traveled.  Sometimes it requires some blood, sweat and tears.  Should the elements put your gloves to the test, here is a range of helpful drying techniques, listed with the most effective at the top:

  • Placing your gloves on a boot/glove warmer, making sure to create a gap for airflow on elastic cuff
  • Placing your gloves on their sides in front of a fan, ensuring maximum air flow. We recommend using a paper towel or toilet paper cardboard tubing in the gloves to assist.
  • Use a coat hanger and slide the gloves over the ends. Then hang in a warm, dry area.
  • High sun exposure can be used to expedite drying process. Can also utilize any accessible products that absorb moisture or allow for air flow (i.e. shoe dehydrator, newspaper etc.).

During our trials, we also observed what NOT to try for drying your gloves:

  • DO NOT place too close to the fire
  • DO NOT place on your car exhaust
  • DO NOT turn inside out
  • DO NOT place on radiator
  • DO NOT place in microwave

If Opted For Wax Coating

The natural wax coating (non-silicone based) leather treatment helps to add protection to the leather exterior, retain its natural moisture content and preserve the integrity of the leather itself.  Additionally, the coating will prevent dirt or dust from permeating the pores.