Alison Kohn

cincinnati, ohio

Growing up in a household in which females outnumbered males 4:2, it was not uncommon to find young Alison passionately playing with her favorite American Girl doll or the latest addition to her Beanie Baby collection. However, as Alison grew older (and wiser) she quickly developed a fond appreciation for the incredible beauty and brilliance that defines Mother Nature. In fact, in high school, Alison eagerly volunteered to go with her Dad and her brother on their fishing expedition and she excitedly caught her very first fish! In college, she enthusiastically and courageously strapped on her first pair of skis and tumbled down the mountain in Jackson Hole.

In more recent years, Alison credits her husband, Brian, for introducing her to an even wider gamut of outdoor activities such as crabbing, fly fishing and hiking. Brian has really helped Alison discover her spirit of adventure! Alison now frequently finds herself seeking out new activities and pastimes that challenge her and dare her to broaden how she defines herself.

A Dave Matthew’s lyric that has always resonated with Alison and one that she feels captures the give’r philosophy nicely is, “Celebrate we will. Because life is short but sweet for certain.” Having worked closely with many patients in a hospital setting, Alison has truly been inspired over the years by the ability of the human spirit to stay uplifted and optimistic even in the midst of life-altering diseases and diagnoses. Through her career as dietitian, Alison hopes to encourage others to make healthy lifestyle decisions so that they too can fully enjoy the wonders of the world and pursue their passions with others and just give’r! Alison feels extremely lucky to be part of the give’r team and is thrilled to be part of all the amazing things to come for give’r!