Ben Miller


Guest Give'r designer and fond friend of the Give'r team, Ben Miller has spent the greater part of his life on the water... or at least thinking about it as well as the fish who thrive in it. Exploring Wyoming for the last ten years, his adventures are always centered on the rivers and streams that speckle the land he now calls home. Chasing various species with a fly and teaching others to do the same is his greatest passion, and has led him to some extraordinary places.

The trout logo stitched into the caps was drawn from Ben's own hand, incorporating elements of the Wyoming flag enclosing a sectioned fish. Initially the symbol for the 10th anniversary of a pack trip up the Buffalo Fork River, the logo has drawn attention from many avid outdoorsmen. It can now be seen across the nation and is often spotted atop a smiling angler with a fish in hand. 

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