Ilya Shinkeyev

Rochester, NY

Growing up in Rochester, NY, I never really thought I would be exploring as  much as I am. It all started with my first hiking experience in the Adirondacks. My photography skills at the time were subpar, and my only gear was an  Phone. After that, I decided to buy an entry level DSLR and take a road trip across the country. That trip is what ignited the spark to an enormous explosion of passion for me: to travel the world and document the beauty of the world through my lens. I now take any chance I get to travel/hike somewhere new, and take photos along the way.

I am currently earning a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering at RIT, but deep down I know my passion is photography. I will continue working hard until I can become successful doing what I truly love, being outdoors! Until then, maybe I will invent something cool haha!

Whenever I am outdoors, I constantly Give’r. Whether it is completing grueling hikes, taking scenic pictures, or inspiring others to get outdoors more, the outdoors is the fuel to my passion.