Josh Arcaro

New Windsor, NY

I am a chef living in the fast lane, just trying to enjoy the views! I am a Culinary Institute of America Alumni addicted to the outdoors! I think my love for the outdoors all started when I was a child and my parents used to take us to amazing cabins in Vermont. There, I would learn to love every cold-weather activity from snowshoeing to backcountry skiing and snowboarding. As years go by, my love for camping developed and I 100% became a gear junkie (thanks a lot, Boy Scouts of America).

I've camped all over the states and my urge to get out and explore the trails less traveled is rapidly growing as the days go by! On every trip, my other half Ale and my trusted companion Rambo (Silver Lab) are always with me. I definitely enjoy car camping as well. We get to hang with friends, slug some brews, and cook delicious food. And of course, put to use my education about the outdoors by teaching everyone we are with about cleaning trails, recycling and doing our part to preserve them!