Molly Belk

Wild Hopes Farm, SC

Since working at TVRC in Wyoming, Give’r and all the people that embody the lifestyle motivate me to live each day to my fullest capacity. After graduating college, I booked it to the Tetons where I pursued outdoor education and backcountry skiing. I then traveled back home to the southeast to join my family’s farm where I give’r, sweating it out in the heat and humidity, for the love of good food.

On the weekends I find time to pursue new passions such as whitewater kayaking and climbing. At home I am giving it my all through working long days and (farm) trail running, kombucha making, or cooking in the evening. Being a part of this give’r team to me is about seeking how I can best impact my community and our earth for a better future, all while reaping the benefits of adventure along the way!