Rob Lewis

 columbus, ohio

My name is Rob Lewis, and I have a fishing problem.  There, I said it.

Spending time on the water hunting lunkers (and lunchers) is one of the many passions I have for the outdoors.  My high school senior thesis was an instructional book on fly fishing, from casting and knot tying, to matching the hatch and landing trophy trout.  I have fished the Atlantic and Pacific, spent weeks on the Henry's Fork in Idaho, and most recently, outwitted trophy largemouth in Clear Lake, California.  I fish the summer months in and around Columbus, Ohio, where I live with my amazingly understanding and addiction-supporting wife, Courtney.  Each summer we look forward to returning to Canada for our annual fishing trip.

My first memories of fishing in Canada all began with Paul, my all-knowing, one-step-ahead-of-you friend, and Canadian fishing guru.  The first week I spent under Paul's tutelage began with us heading out to the boats in an early morning rainstorm.  Head to toe in rain gear and full of apprehension, I remember saying to Paul, "The fishing is going to be tough today."  His answer was quick and simple.  "Well, Rob, sometimes ya gotta give'r." 

When I asked Paul what he meant by "give'r", he explained, "Sometimes you just gotta do it.  You know, just give'r."

Paul was right.

Not only did we give'r, but by the end of a long day on the water, the boat was full of pike and our heads were full of stories for the dinner table.  On a day that began with a storm of uncertainties (and torrential rain), ended up being one of the best fishing days I have had since.

When faced with impossibilities, do the impossible.  "You know, just GIVE'R."