Ross Durbin

Denver, Colorado

"You don't know unless you go!"  My father's words echo in my head whenever I am preparing for my next adventure and then I say to myself, "give'r".  It's the simple truth.  You never know what is waiting for you “out there".  You don't know when you're going to find that hatch you've been searching for or which trip to the woods will finally reveal that bruiser you've been dreaming about.  You can certainly guess, but you can never be sure when the sky will be full of mallards or when the smallies will be crushing top-water.  But, isn't that part of why we love it so much? To me, this is what Give'r is all about.  It's about having no excuses. It's about committing because you understand the value of the possibilities.  My experiences in the outdoors, early mornings in the duck blind or on the bass boat with my father, taught me more about myself and life than anything else.  I can’t look at a V of ducks or geese without appreciating their grace and cooperation, I cannot pass a body of water without pausing to contemplate the beautiful fined dwellers surfing beneath its surface, and I cannot stand next to the mountains without gaining a greater perspective on life.  This is because I have learned to fully appreciate the experiences I have been so fortunate to have…and every day, I strive to take nothing for granted.  These experiences have guided me in my studies and ultimately made me into the man I am today.  I now live in Denver, Colorado and spend as much time as possible exploring the state and beyond with my girlfriend, Kylie, and pup/adventure buddy, Wiggins.  Just remember, you never know what that next day on the water or in the backcountry is going to bring you…you just gotta GIVE'R to find out.