Wyatt Roscoe

jackson, wy

I am the son of a ski bum, and a park ranger who found Jackson before it was discovered. As a kid, I was shown the skills and invested in the toys to truly appreciate it. Before college, I spent all my money on trip around the world working, adapting, and exploring for 9 months. The following four years I studied Neuroscience at Johns Hopkins, before returning to the West to start a company in bay area.

I haven't found anything that makes me happier than being on the water or in the mountains for days at a time. The inability to go anywhere but around the next bend is something that has captivated me and brings me endless joy. Doing this where others haven't, is the only thing higher on my list.

I am a firm believer in Type II fun. The kind of experiences that are memorable because of the effort and pain needed to make them happen. An afternoon in a lawn chair or a sunny day hike should never be passed up, but the simple pleasures of Type I fun are not what I look for in adventures. The excessive length or miserable conditions of trips are what I enjoy sharing and laughing about upon safe return. I've been blessed to have been shown the value of the outdoors as well as the skills to reach some truly incredible places. I grew up in Jackson, have traveled around the world, and always need to be packing or planning for a trip to stay sane.