A Letter From Bubba

Bubba with fire wood

Give'r Community,

Time can be a wonky thing—sometimes it passes slowly, or seemingly so. In these cycles, it can feel like there are inherent moments to pause, take a deep breath and proceed with some level of comfort. 

On the other end of the spectrum, there are times when when the weeks blend together and days seem to be flying by at Mach 5!

The Give’r Team is grateful to have spent this year experiencing both ends of the spectrum, and everything in between, as we focused on presence, progress, positivity and people. So we're taking this opportunity to reflect on 2021 through the lens of the 4 P’s:


  • We learned to appreciate when being present was easy and accessible. We did not tempt fate with an over-analysis of these times, but we definitely discovered some new ingredients to get to this space more consistently.
  • In other times when we had to bob n’ weave to stay on our feet, we made sure to look back, appreciate, and even laugh at what it took to keep Given’r when times were tough.
  • Rather than defaulting to frustration when external forces were in flux, we focused a great deal on hitting the pause button, looking inward, confronting the scary and unknown, and looking to our team for support in navigating the best path forward.


  • While our company commitment to growth and depth applied to each of us individually, the resulting collective whole became far more impactful than the sum of its parts.
  • Our growing team took a big leap with new systems and processes that necessitated a shift from “the way things have always been done.” Some changes were easy and swift, others let’s just say, are works in progress.
  • Our commitment to intentional and incremental improvement was tested and reinforced in all departments, often requiring us to say “no” to some new opportunities (as bright, shiny and enticing as they may have been).


  • Celebrating each win hasn’t always been our strong suit, but we have made great progress on this front. We learned to appreciate just how important it is to be stoked when a milestone is reached or when someone knocks it out of the park.
  • Rather than struggle against the ever-changing external forces, we aimed to dance with them. Dancing is a most fitting metaphor, as we all know the elated feeling of being “one with the music.” We equally know the feeling being way off beat, in some no man's land trying to find the rhythm. We stepped on some toes a few times fer sher…but we also relished the times when we were stompin' boots.


  • We pushed ourselves to become better, stronger and more impactful people within a Give'r community that is most kick ass, loyal and growing together.
  • We found great resilience and stability by doubling down on the relationships we maintain with each other, our families, friends and extended communities. Additionally, we explored better ways to support our partners and the many volunteers and angels among us giving their all to make the world a better place.
  • We celebrated those whose passions called them to new places and careers, welcoming many new faces into Give'r HQ while enhancing our team vision with an open and expansive mindset.

Whether your year went by in a flash or seemed like a decade in length, know that we are grateful to have you in our community and along for this ride together. We hope that as we fire up 2022, you’ll look to our crew for consistent stoke, positivity and support.

Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year to you and yours...keep Given’r!


Bubba Albrecht
Founder & Chief Visionary

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