Never Lose 'Em Again!

Ever drop your mittens off a ski lift? Or your gloves into an icy snow band? Ever think about how there's got to be a way to hold your mittens close when you need to slip them off for a second to send a text or give your buddy a big high five?

We have the solution for you. 

Give'r Wrist Leashes are the fool-proof way to keep your friends close (wondering where they too can get their hands on such innovative technology) and your gloves closer.

Our Wrist Leashes come complimentary with the purchase of our Frontier Mittens or you can purchase them separately to go along with any of our other gloves for just $5.00!  Below are images that show you the step by step process of lopping your leashes to your gloves for a hands free, anti-glove-losing experience.






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