All Geared Up

Prepping 4-Season Gloves for shipment

The Give’r Garage is geared up for cooler weather! Thanks to people like you, the doors are open to our new location in Victor, Idaho - or HQ2 as the cool kids call it. This past month, 25 miles from our home base in Jackson, Give’r glove geeks near and far heeded the call and helped break in the new space in true Give’r fashion - a little bit of cornhole and a whole lot of crackling fires. But we are just getting started.

Got gloves?

Each pair of gloves makes it first stop with our quality team. Every inch is inspected and only the best make it through. We have spent the last 10 months prepping for colder weather, and we are stoked to have hefty stock available for all our gear. No shipping container roulette here.

Quality control for Give'r gloves

Our kind of wax party.

This is your reminder to grab those skis tucked in the back corner of the garage and stock up on beers. It’s time for a wax party. The Classic Gloves, 4-Season Gloves, and Frontier Mittens each receive their own layer of all-natural beeswax for additional weatherproofing, and we have more than enough wax for the entire herd.

Waxing Give'r 4-Season Gloves

Ovens are set to 215°.

If you have given your gloves the tried and true oven treatment, you know first hand how effective a little heat can be. Our brand spankin’ new ovens over at HQ2 are hot to the touch and ready to cook up more gloves than ever before.

Baking gloves in Give'r oven

All branding is done by our HQ Crew, and there is no additional wait time to get your gloves branded.

Wrists are warm, irons are hot.

Before those gloves arrive at your front door, let's make them truly yours. All branding is done by our HQ Crew, and there is no additional wait time to get them branded. Left and right handers alike are standing by to give your gloves that personalized touch.

Branding initials by hand on gloves

Let the games begin.

We partied like it was 2012 (our first official glove sale) earlier this month in celebration of the new Victor location. Local vendors, local contractors, and our own Give’r Crew have set us up for a snowy season full of warm hands and even warmer hearts. Grab a customized pair of Give'r gloves for yourself or be the ultimate gift give’r this holiday season. We’re ready for you.

Give'r gloves lined up in HQ2

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