Lorintheory x Give'r Collaboration

This winter, our team sat down to talk with photographer and artist, Lorintheory, to highlight her artwork and design a custom pair of Classic Gloves based on a new piece of hers inspired by Wyoming titled "Eve". Keep reading to learn more about Lori, her art, and our collaboration.

Lorintheory Design"Eve" by Lorintheory


LorintheoryLorintheory Self Portrait

Where did you grow up?
I grew up in Haiti which is a small country in the Caribbean, and I moved to Florida after high school. I still live in Florida now.

Tell me about your story as an artist.
I used to have paint nights with friends and initially it was just something fun to do. I also painted things for friends. Later on, I got myself an iPad. I stayed up so late learning how to use it. Once I learned, I never stopped. Someone close to me told me to start posting them somewhere. When he said that I was like, sure, let’s see how that goes. That’s when I started posting on Instagram. 

What inspired you to become an artist?
Nature, fashion, colors, patterns, people of color – I love people, I love life. Women inspire me a lot and so do all of the things that I love. I grew up in a family that was full of artists. I didn’t pick it up back then, but I was exposed to it. I’m a photographer too, and I was always exposed to creative spaces. 

What is your artistic dream?
I think I like my art to be known in various spaces. I’d love to be in publications and public spaces like in airports and museums. One day I’d love to see my work in Vogue. 

What is your favorite part of being an artist?
The creative part – I love coming up with concepts for things. I love commissioned pieces, and I usually do research. If it’s something that I don’t know, some of the time inspiration just comes to me naturally. I love the entire process and getting to work with different brands and collaborate with different people.

What is your favorite medium?
Each form of art has different purposes, but I love digital art because I can take it everywhere with me anywhere. 

Tell us about collaborating with Give'r! I’ve never been to Wyoming or seen pictures of it. I gathered inspiration from the photos that the Give’r team sent me and from images that someone close to me took when they went on a road trip through Wyoming. I started looking it up and watched videos and the wildlife and mountains inspired me so much! 

The theme of Black History Month was “Black Health and Wellness” – what does this mean to you?
I am a very healthy person, and I care about health and wellness a lot. I have my self care practices and it’s something that I really love doing. I love massages and I think there’s so many health benefits to them. I’m very interested in natural and holistic health. Mental health is also extremely important to me and ties into everything that I do. I’m very intentional to make sure that I’m taking care of myself to make sure my health is at its prime. For me, health is wealth, and you can’t do a lot if you’re not healthy on all levels - mentally, emotionally, and physically.

Click here to check out the gloves!

Lorintheory x Give'r Collab

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