Kickin' Off a Year of Collabs

We’ve been collaborating with other brands since the very beginning of Give’r and this year we plan to take it up a notch. We sat down with Virginia, our Partnerships Lead and volunteer at the Animal Adoption Center (AAC) here in Jackson Hole to get the inside scoop on our most recent collaboration with the AAC and what kind of collaborations we can look forward to this year.

“We couldn’t be more excited to have the capacity to explore this field and are stoked for our current and future collaboration partners! Give’r gloves are the ultimate canvas to collaborate with organizations and companies that align with our values and are working hard to give’r themselves.

We’ve learned so much through our past collaborations and are really eager to continue with larger projects. Ultimately, it’s a really valuable learning experience for us and our partners and the end result tends to blow customers away. 

Dog and gloves
Working with like minded companies allows us to combine forces in promoting our mission of give’r each and every day. It also enables us to learn more about textiles and the outdoor industry. And it’s fun! It spices up our work day and broadens our daily social network. We inspire each other and end up with new friends!

The AAC reached out with a request for a custom classic glove because they wanted to give back to all of the volunteers who have given so much time to them. They were excited to thank their volunteers and support a local business in the process. 

I personally love volunteering at the AAC because with the Jackson housing crisis I’m not allowed to have a pet. I get my bi-weekly dose of animal love there. The AAC logo is perfect for a brand on our classic gloves and the final product turned out amazing."

We’re excited to execute some super unique collaborations here soon and grateful to Virginia for leading the charge! Stay tuned to see what we’ve been up to soon.

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