Recycled Leather: Letting No Good Thing Go To Waste

Recycled Leather Patches

Letting no good things go to waste.

At Give’r, we strive to put our love for the planet to work. And in doing so, we also aim to be relentlessly creative and provide that signature personal touch.

A core belief of ours is that personalization is power, and in that spirit we are highlighting our Recycled-Leather Custom Patches. On a broad level, these are small, versatile leather patches that you can put on items so that everyone knows what belongs to you. They work particularly well with our products such as the Ono Dry Bag and the Scout Dry Bag.

So how does it work? Where does the leather come from, and why are we givin’ it over to you?

The recycled patch process is initiated one of two ways. If someone on our quality control team determines that the glove or mitten is defective by our premium standards, or if there is a mistake in either the waxing or branding process, we set the product aside for harvesting.

So what does harvesting entail, and which gloves are recyclable?

Harvesting means carefully separating fabric from the leather lining with an X-acto knife and identifying swatches that can be repurposed. Because we work with a master leatherworker, saving and repurposing this material is well worth the effort.

Once the swatch has been cut away from the glove and pared into a square shape, we hammer in the snaps. Then the patch is sent to one of our branders to create the personal touch that makes the patch so cool – your name, phone number, etc. This whole process is a tedious one. Harvesting leather is not something we do because it’s easy, but because we want to be able to make something unique and useful with the tools we have. Not only is it less wasteful, it furthers our goal of creating personalized products made by and for people who are willing to go the extra mile in pursuit of something genuinely special.

How else can I put my custom-patch to work?

The examples of the Ono Dry Bag and the Scout Dry Bag only scratch the surface of what you could use your Recycled Leather Custom Patch to work. Give'r crew members use them on their backpacks, fanny packs, duffel bags, and even dog collars. Just plug in your name, phone number, or any other messaging you want and we will heat up the irons. However you want it, you’ve got it.

Recycled leather patches on Scout Dry Bag
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