Made The Grade: Ol' Faithful

Made The Grade status award for the Ol' Faithful Midweight Pullover

Investment Grade Gear.

At Give’r, we craft gear meant to wear in, not wear out. Whether it is gloves, mittens, pullovers, sweatpants, or snapbacks, each item in your quiver is built to withstand every test you put it through. The Ol’ Faithful Midweight Pullover is no exception, and it was fortunate enough to receive the 'Made The Grade' award from Investment Grade Gear.

Peter Reese, the founder of Investment Grade Gear, has taken this philosophy to the next level. Investment Grade Gear is a "response to the Best of [insert gear category] lists that often confuse or don’t provide concise, credible findings." Peter's experience comes from decades in the outdoors as a competitive Nordic skiing athlete and instructor, camp counselor, trip guide, international aid worker, gear reviewer, and journalist. Peter has shared his discoveries, insights, recommendations, and reviews through Men’s Journal, Gear Junkie, Popular Mechanics, and many more.


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Woodworking while wearing Ol' Faithful Midweight Pullover

Tough as nails…or screws.

As reliable and consistent as the Ol’ Faithful geyser itself, our midweight pullover is the last hoodie you will ever need. Chop wood in it, spill coffee on it, work in the shop in it, splash oil on it, or play in the snow with it. Throw it in the laundry machine and dirt, sweat, stains, and salt wash off in a single cycle. Zero shrinkage and zero deterioration.

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Barbecuing in the Ol' Faithful Midweight Pullover

No pull, no pill.

This is your lifelong best friend, canine copilot, and trusty old truck in the form of a pullover hoodie. There is absolutely no pulling or pilling, and the performance fabric wicks moisture and sweat away from your body keeping you cool when it’s hot and warm when it’s cold.

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Ol' Faithful Midweight pullover is as soft as a puppy's ear

Ultra-cushy paradise.

We went back to basics with a simple two fabric weave. The external fabric blocks wind, rain, and snow while maintaining flexibility and encouraging movement. But the secret sauce is in the internal material. Softer than the inside of a puppy’s ear, it’s stoopid comfort you have to feel to believe.

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Man and dog in truck

Looking for better, rather than new.

Whether it’s the 4-Season gloves or the Ol’ Faithful pullover, our goal is to provide gear that gets better with use. We don’t take shortcuts and we leave no stone unturned. Peter and Investment Grade Gear seek the same result: gear that is thoughtfully made, durable, comfortable, versatile, and practical. Peter shared his insights on the importance of looking for better, rather than new.


Woman layering vest over Ol' Faithful Midweight Pullover

Making good decisions about gear and apparel is even more important in inflationary times. In truth, most active outdoor people participate in multiple activities even if they have a seasonal passion or two. If they can find functional, durable pieces that cut across activities, terrain, and seasons, how much better for everyone. And if they center their pursuits in one region, they find an even higher level match for their life when employing the know it, trust it, keep it mantra.

As a result, there's more repeatable success on the trail, mountain, path, or river no matter if the weather changes. The closet, trunk, and rooftop are now populated with products that have an extended future. Less time, energy, and money goes into a constant search for new, instead being on the lookout for better.”


“Give'r is among a smaller group of brands that continue to reflect the 'making it for real people' ethos flowing from being year-round residents of Jackson Hole, Wyoming.” - Peter Reese


Man packing for fishing trip in Ol' Faithful Midweight Pullover

“Give'r is among a smaller group of brands that continue to reflect the 'making it for real people' ethos flowing from being year-round residents of Jackson Hole, Wyoming. This is evident in the materials selection and wide use ranges of their gloves, mittens, and apparel: everything has a purpose, and there is no attempt to dilute their thinking simply to extend a proven, core line. With their gloves already a demonstrated success in our extended evaluation, I'm anticipating more potential for 'Made the Grade' product awards for this mountain-born enterprise.”

Woo wee, Peter! Spoken like a true member of the Give’r Crew. Get your hands on this rough-’n-tuff and extraordinarily plush midweight pullover, and check out the Investment Grade Gear website for more gear that knows how to give’r.

Man and his dog sitting on the tailgate of his truck
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