Give'r Ambassador Lindsey - Giving It Her All for Maui Wildfire Relief

Aloha!  My name is Lindsey, and I was born and raised in Hawai'i on the island of Oahu and moved to Jackson in November 2019. I work full time for St. John's Health and love being involved with both my Jackson and Hawai'i Community as much as I can. 

With all of the amazing outdoor and adventure opportunities that Jackson has to offer, what has kept me connected here is this little mountain town's strong sense of community.  It's very much like Hawaii's "Aloha" way of life, and because of that I'm proud to call this place home.  Through Give'r's amazing products, I've been given more courage and access to explore more of this great valley and create new adventures around the world that I didn't think were possible.  

On August 8th, the deadliest wildfire in U.S. history in over a century broke out in Lahaina, Maui.  There are currently 115 confirmed deaths with many hundreds of people still unaccounted for.  The work continues to grow as the people of Lahaina need as many resources as possible to begin to rebuild what they have completely lost.  Homes need to be rebuilt, water quality needs to be restored, those who worked in the businesses that were destroyed in the fire are needing financial support, etc.  

During October 8-10, I will be collaborating with JH for Good and organizing a Jackson community-led, online auction fundraiser to benefit the people of Lahaina, Maui after the deadliest wildfire struck their beautiful community on August 8th.  All proceeds will go directly to the Hawai'i Community Foundation to the Maui Strong Fund.  Follow along for details about the event and for the listing of awesome items (including Give'r) that are being donated from local Jackson businesses, brands, and artists.

All proceeds from this auction will go directly from the bidder/donor to the Hawai'i Community Foundation to support the Maui Strong Fund.  

Lindsey putting her "must-have" Solstice Solar Hoodie to the test
over the summer at the Grand Canyon in Arizona. 

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