The Moms of Give'r

Here at Give'r we're so lucky to celebrate four incredible mothers on our team this Mother's Day. Each one of them embodies our Give'r values in the ways that they consistently seek growth in depth in all that they do, especially as moms! Keep reading to hear a little bit about each of them, their incredible kiddos, and how they love to celebrate Mother's Day!

Amber Lee

I have two boys, and they are two and five. They like to pretend to be dinosaurs, go on walks, climb on things, and do anything that they can use their imagination for. They love to play zombies, monsters, and sword fighting. We’re outside all of the time. I personally love when we get to go on walks because it usually turns into a game. I’ve also recently gotten really into gardening.
I think what’s cool if you foster the values of positivity, growth, the pursuit of challenge and the pursuit of adventure like we do at Give’r with kids, it’s natural to them. To me, parents have the power to grow and cultivate that nature or smother it. I love getting to learn how to grow and have adventure through the eyes of a child experiencing it for the first time. My children are so imaginative, and they’re always giving everything all that they’ve got. When they have fun it’s a lot of fun! It’s amazing to teach kids vulnerability and growth by fostering it and creating a safe space for them to grow in every moment. My favorite part of being a mom is seeing the genuineness that children have that’s just so authentic and seeing the world through the eyes of a child. If you’re present with them in that it can help you learn so much about the world, forgiveness, genuine kindness, and more. I love being able to pause and see the world through the eyes of a child. One of the hardest parts about being a mom is not losing yourself to the title of mother. Your kids still need an authentic you. One of my favorite things to do one Mother’s Day is to reflect on my incredible mother and everything that she did for me. I also love how excited my kids get about it!

Caitlyn Cochran

I have one and he’s three! I have a dog too who I consider part of my family as well she’s almost 11. My son loves to swing, ride his bike, play with his friends and play outside with our neighbors outside all of the time. I love to be out there with him enjoying what he enjoys. I hope to teach him to be aware, invested, and positive, seeking growth and depth in all things. My goal as a mother is to raise him up to be an individual thinker who holds many of the values we believe in at Give’r. One of my favorite parts about being a mom is the joy I get watching him learn and to watch him grow and see how he’s thinking for himself. Knowing that I’m a big integral part of that is such a privilege. It’s so much sweeter than I’d anticipated. The hardest part is that you will always be a mom but you’re also your own individual person. It can be hard not to lose myself in being a mom and remembering who I am. I remind myself that it’s ok to keep that in mind. My favorite way to celebrate Mother’s Day is by just being with my people no matter what that looks like – being outside, sharing a meal together, playing in our house – it’s so life giving for me to simply be with them it doesn’t need to be anything spectacular.

Juliana Corsi

I have two kids, and they’re two and five. They love hunting, playing in the rivers, and biking. I personally love to forage for mushrooms and flowers and just being outside – it’s easier to care for the kids there. I’d love to pass down to my kids the practice of radical positivity. I love all the parts of being a mom. I became a mom really late, so I was done being a kid and was really excited for it. One of the harder things about being a mom is that you don’t really ever have time for absolutely nothing and rest can be hard to find. My favorite way to celebrate Mother’s Day is by just being with my kids.

Janie Henderson

I have two kids and one is three and the other one is 10 months old. Both of them are water babies (they kinda have to be living in Florida) and they love swimming, going to the beach, and anything else water related. I love doing anything beach related, especially going to St. George Island riding along the beach in a golf cart. I think that becoming a mother you have to seek growth and depth and step the f*** up and get out of your comfort zone in so many ways, and I really want to pass all of that down to my kids. One of my favorite parts of being a mom is how the littlest things amaze and impress them. They look up to you so much it can be like having two little hype people all of the time which is amazing. One of the challenges of being a mom is that I can’t be selfish any more. Every minute of your day is decided for you just about and you lose that sense of spontaneity. I love to celebrate Mother’s Day by spending the day with my kids – having breakfast at the house or going to the beach with them.

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