100 Trail Crew - Ambassadors in Action

On July 7th, this Ambassador crew of Wiggs, Tyler and Hunter embarked on an adventure they had only dreamed of, made possible through a true Give’r pursuit of that dream (http://www.give-r.com/pages/100-trail-crew). Not only did they return to Wyoming to spend time together and catch up, but they endured a 10 day long backpacking expedition through the Wind River Mountain Range as the winners of the Huckberry Explorer’s Grant Program. Through the inspiration of a 10 x 10 challenge, they were traversing through the Wind River High Route as trekked by Alan Dixon and Don Wilson, with some of their own adjustments and resulting goals:

  1. 10 consecutive days of hiking
  2. 10 sunsets/sunrises photographed
  3. 10 animals photographed
  4. 10 lakes swum in
  5. 10 hikers interviewed
  6. 10 fish caught via fly fishing
  7. 10 peaks summitted
  8. 10 tail-grab pics on those 10 peaks
  9. 10,000 feet of cumulative elevation gain
  10. 100 miles hiked

Bonus: 10,000+ foot peak summited

On this trip, they had planned to cross the Continental Divide four times, traverse ten passes between 12,200 ft and 11,500 ft and cover 100 miles with about 20,000 feet of cumulative elevation gain (nearly the same elevation gain as climbing the Grand Teton 3 times over).

Their adventure was executed and they look forward to sharing their stories with the Give’r Community in hopes of inspiring others to pursue their dreams. They had big dreams when first meeting in Wyoming, and have even bigger dreams 11 years later, but what they have found is that when giving them their all, one can never be dissappointed.

Keep tuned in for photos, videos and stories as they re-count their Give'r adventure in the Wind River Mountains!

-Hugh Bette

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