Midwinter Give’r Bucket List – Make the Most Out Of The Cold

By the time February rolls around it’s easy to slip into the midwinter blues. Ya know, griping about: your sore back from so much shoveling; constant laundry because you need 23 clothing items just to leave the house; and frozen boogers (don’t even get us started on that topic!).

But just like everything else in life, winter is all about 'tude. You get out of it what you make of it! Today’s post is a reminder to let go of the annoyances and instead take a moment to enjoy the awesomeness that is winter!

Here are a few ideas for how to get ‘er done!


Don’t wait for the powder day to go ski! Cruisin’ corduroy can be a helluva good time!



Shovel the neighbor’s sidewalk, or walk a stranger across the street


Take a page from the Japanese, and host an epic snowball fight.

Pro tip: use forts, sling shots and artillery stashes, but make an effort to avoid nailing someone in the eye with ice.


Rally your friends to build a snowzilla!

Pro tip: scaffolding and heavy machinery does help!



Try a new sport ... fat biking, ice climbing, ice fishing, snow kayaking or curling


Celebrate the Olympics by setting up a slalom sledding course

Pro tip: think beyond traditional sleds and use laundry baskets or cafeteria trays to conduct the races  


Embrace your local community events, no matter how quirky or off the rails they might get

Examples: cardboard box derby, snow sculpture competitions, pond skimming, ski jouring, sled dog races, ice golf, etc.


And, if all else fails, get in your car and drive south. You may need a passport, but eventually you’ll find sand and sun!

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