Alex Cherry

Hood River, OR

When I was 15 years old, I had the pleasure of trekking through the entirety of the Tetons. With Teton Valley Ranch Camp, my peers and I explored the Teton Crest trail. That summer in wild Wyoming was a catalyst for me and what dreams I wanted to pursue. Climbing mountains, wading through rivers and driving to new places with great people; I had found the idea of adventure that I had been seeking.

This past year I decided to make a move to the Pacific Northwest. Seeking to reconnect with the restless voyager inside me, I packed my mini-van with the essentials and made the drive from Michigan to Oregon. In a new place, where opportunity for adventure is everywhere, I have started to fulfill my dreams by making them my passions. Whether it’s climbing up Mt. Hood, skiing through the Cascade backcountry, or casting a lure into the Columbia, my dream of immersing myself in the spirit of the outdoors has become a reality. The mentality of ‘giving it your all’ pushes me to maintain the life I lead and to share the ride with family and friends.

For me, to give’r is to challenge myself to take new adventures every day. No matter the goal, when I give’r, I give’r with feeling.