Austin Bass

franklin, tennessee

The hook set; an instant in time when you realize you have enticed a highly intelligent creature to eat a fly you have quietly presented to their lurking spot.  Fly fishing is my life passion and has taught me patience, humility, endurance and appreciation.  To me, these characteristics represent what it means to Give’r!

Being raised in middle Tennessee has been a blessing.  I have had the opportunity to grow up chasing wild brownies, rainbow trout, native brook trout, largemouth bass, redeye bass, and our state fish; the smallmouth bass.  Stalking our clear and cool creeks, streams, and rivers has taught me to respect our wildlife and the intricacy of our natural world.  Growing up with type 1 diabetes has also taught me a thing or two about endurance and patience.  I was five when my pancreas went inactive and shut down.  Working with kids who struggle with this disease is another passion of mine, and I have seen the true Give’r spirit in these children as they constantly drive and humble me.

A mental frame of endurance is hard to find in our current society, as persistence often gives into the here and now easy solutions.  I personally strive for an endurance driven lifestyle and have been blessed to make relationships with many people in my life who exhibit these characteristics.  I pray that one day I can use what I've learned through fly fishing to encourage young children struggling with chronic illnesses to take on the Give’r philosophy!