Brian Kohn

cincinnati, ohio

I’m no world-class fly fisherman, I’d be crazy to try dropping in on Corbet’s Couloir, and I’ve never traveled around the world. But I’m working on it.

In the words of Steve Jobs “If you haven’t found your true passions, keep looking and never settle.” Ironically, it took being stuck in a cubicle for too many hours to realize my passion for discovering every nook and cranny of our beautiful planet while sometimes catching fish. For the past six years, I’ve attempted to squeeze in as much time as possible on the streams, lakes, mountains, and marshes of the Carolinas (with a far-too-occasional trip to the Tetons) in the midst of building a business career. Recently, my wife and I decided to pursue our dream of traveling the world for a year with nothing but our backpacks and a few fly rods. I don’t pretend to have this thing called life all figured out but what I have learned thus far: Life is a blank page. Ignore all external thoughts and expectations about what you can and can’t do. Do whatever it takes to discover your passions. And when you figure it all out, Give’r to others as well.

To me, Give’r means to relentlessly pursue one’s true passions and actively play a role in encouraging others to do the same. The Give’r team comes foremost to mind in that regard. Not only do they create and market high quality products but they share, live and breathe what the company represents every day. It’s an honor to be a part of the Give’r team.