Brian Rasch

Brian Rasch, Give'r Ambassador, Team Squatch
Fort Collins, CO

My parents gave me the opportunity to grow up playing in the mountains, teaching me how to enjoy and respect the public lands our community preserved. I’ve been an active member in leave-no-trace, part time ski ranger volunteer for the national forest, and desk/pencil pusher at a local architecture firm. I find a great balance in spending time designing infrastructure, working with metal, and taking all of my vacation time, as well as weekends, out playing around the Rocky Mountains.

Work hard, play hard at heart, and constant enthusiast of seeking out the most outdoor whimsy in a single weekend as possible. The community here continues to challenge, drive, and provide opportunities to share the great outdoor landscape. When I am not out skiing, climbing, gravel-riding, you can find me sipping a steamy cup of coffee at the local brew-hole, or playing bocce ball at a park picnic.