Casey Sedlack

sun valley, idaho

When I was a young and fearless skier, shredding in the beloved place of my birth, Vail, CO, my father gave me some pearls of wisdom about skiing: 1) You can't get hurt in the air. 2) When in doubt, go faster. 3) Vision is a crutch. 4) Every fall begins with a turn. Not long after that, I memorized my (still) favorite family toast, "Here's to it, and to it again! And if you get to it, and you don't do it, you might never get to it to do it again!" Most recently, I have taped this quote on a wall in my office, and look at it every morning. Another favorite quote is on the mirror in my bathroom, "Do all you can to build others and make them feel of worth." These helpful reminders are how I try to live my life and, hopefully, inspire others to live theirs.

As a free heelin', rock climbin', backpackin' and banjo pickin' mama, in addition to recently becoming a very novice rancher, I have a thirst for knowledge, laughter and adventure that has led me to prioritize making my daily routines cooler than the average vacation. What I really hope to do with my life is become an educator whose lessons will perforate the boundaries of a classroom, and to be likewise impacted by all those I might have the pleasure of connecting with along the way (NOTE: my career plans change, on average, once a week, so ask me for regular updates on the latest and greatest life plan!). I am profoundly grateful to be a part of the Give'r team, and couldn't ask for a cooler company to represent. Thanks a million to my family, my loved ones and all of those who I have been blessed to know on this wonderful journey! Here's to it! GIVE'R!