Catie Corbin

washington, district of columbia

I’ve seen a lot of places that most people don’t dream of seeing. I’ve shopped the souks of Libya wearing a hijab. I’ve hid under a Ugandan mahogany tree waiting out a rainstorm. And I’ve hitched a ride with the US Air Force in the back of a C-130 when I got stuck in the northeastern mountains of Pakistan.

I work in international development, which is more than a job. I get the unique opportunity to capture moments of bravery, strength, and sheer happiness – all with a click of a button. In conflict, you feel the beauty in everything and everyone around you. It’s not always easy. But the first time you see a school going up in a rural village in South Sudan and you can see the smiles on everyone’s faces, you can literally feel “beauty” in the pit of your stomach.

I aspire to share these powerful wonders of the globe with those I love around me, and that’s what Give’r means to me. It means discovering the good in people and the beauty even in hardship. So, pick up a Frisbee and jump as high as you can. Jog to the Lincoln Memorial and sprint the steps like Rocky Balboa. And after the day’s sweat, spend time with the ones you love and share your stories from the road less traveled, so that they can share in the adventures too.