Jeff Broeder

jackson, wyoming

Growing up, I always found enjoyment in whatever activities I was doing. I was unaware at the time, but now feel so fortunate knowing that my family and friends had shown me a mentality and lifestyle that I continue to embrace every day. Working hard to achieve goals was something that my mother and father instilled in the minds of my brother and I. They also were able to show me the true beauty of the outdoors. These two principles are now with me everywhere I go and have allowed me to shape a lifestyle that I find so rewarding. Beyond my family, there have been a variety of role models, mentors, and friends that have guided me to extending these two principles. The Give’r mentality seems to be unique for every person I meet, but for me, combining my passions for the outdoors and a motivation for achieving goals are synonymous with Give’r.

Today I try to instill this mentality with a group of people who are at an age where I felt my early beliefs and passions were forming. While I teach elementary school students, so often I feel that my students are teaching me. My job has shown me the purity in thoughts, the ability to imagine anything, and to truly dream big. I do my best to teach my students the curriculum, but also work to keep these children dreaming and knowing that they can achieve what they put their mind to. When possible, I impart all I've learned about the amazing outdoors to my students, and help convey how positive of an impact nature can have on us, and also that we may have on it.

As an avid outdoorsman, Give’r means a variety of things to me. It means that no matter how exhausted I am, nothing is better than watching the sunrise while waiting to hear whistling wings above the blind, leaves crackling behind the stand, or the shock gobble of a tom. It means that if the lakes and rivers are not frozen, then I should have a wet line. The Give’r mentality is very special to me and I always feel honored to have such a powerful verb to describe a lifestyle. See you on the water, in the field, or in the classroom.