Jeremiah Auer

Jeremiah Auer, Give'r Ambassador, Team Squatch
Denver, CO

Folks usually ask if my stories are real. They're not. But I tell ‘em anyway. I was diagnosed with the bug. The travel bug. I headed off for a day of college graduation trip to Thailand and Indonesia. To my despair, we ended up not at a beach sipping either your or my tais but I found myself in the tropical jungle with a lucky machete. Trail blazing a path for a never before climbed rock climbing route. The route was decent.

New Zealand was better. Me and my buddies Joe and Hector were trying to buy drinks at a grocery store and ended up getting an invite to a farm for the night. We stayed with a young couple at the farm and got to help out the next day. Milking cows, riding a motorcycle and eating fresh eggs.

Norway was great. Trolltunga is a mighty hike and boasts a beautiful view of the fjords. It's not actually a fjord but looks like it in the picture.

Everyone's too normal in life to fall into... That. Don't. Life's short. Choose to Give’r.