Jon Lewis

victor, id

Growing up, if I knew you were able to make a living playing on rivers and amidst the mountains, I never would’ve told my 5th grade teacher I wanted to be a weather man! I spent my younger years on the rivers of the Midwest, battling Great Lake Steelhead with a fly rod starting at the age of 10. I honed my angling skills in the heart of the Rockies where I graduated from Colorado State University. Since 2005, I have worked as a fly fishing guide on the Henry's Fork of the Snake River in Idaho. In addition to chasing ichthyoids, I am an avid skier and also guide snowmobile trips in the greater Yellowstone area.

Give' live inspired. Everything this company stands for just makes sense to me. Yes, I could have done what the masses do and get a "real job" in corporate America. That approach, however, doesn’t inspire me. What inspires me is doing what I love to do, striving to be the best I can, and choosing to Give'r every day! Whether I am on the river or waist deep in powder, I'm going to continue to live inspired and just friggen Give'r.