Kati Harvey

buffalo, wyoming

Raised in the 307, I grew up in the Big Horns partaking in skiing, hiking, biking, bouldering and backpacking.  As I wanted to stay in the mountainous area, I attended college in Montana, where I earned degrees in Health and Human Performance K-12 and Outdoor Adventure Leadership. With my love of youth and being active, I’ve continued on my give'r path by working for the Boys & Girls Club, YMCA, a youth camp in the Big Horns and for Avid4Adventure in Colorado.  In the last year, my love for the mountains carried me to the town of Big Sky, MT where I live to ski, snowshoe, bike, climb and run.

To me, choosing to give'r means taking what you have and sharing it with the ones around you as well as playing in the outdoor world we've been given.  Doing things that scare you and going places you've never been is only going to make you grow.  It's important to make yourself feel uncomfortable at times in order to build character and make memories.  The give'r lifestyle means to give your all every day and fall into bed completely exhausted only to be able to do it all again the next day.  We all know actions speak louder than words and actions give us results. So I urge you to act upon your passion, whatever it might be.

Give the give'r lifestyle a shot, holding nothing back.  Drop every fear and take every risk, you just may surprise yourself! ;)