Kati Harvey

Big Sky, MT 

give. giving. gave. give'r.
one time, i was in a coffee shop and the barista commented on the ring i was wearing.  i took it off and gave it to her knowing it'd probably bring her more joy that it would continue to bring me.
as i near the end of my 1st 1/3 of my life, i refuse to believe joy costs anything.
i still don't know what i want to be, but i strongly disagree that it involves an office, high heels or meetings of any kind.
i believe in giving experiences, not things.
i believe in being thankful when things are good, and recognizing when things aren't going the way we think they should.
i believe in taking the high road, even when you're the only one in both lanes.
i believe in giving high fives, giving the shirt off your back, giving to others even when they think they have nothing to give you.
i believe we all have something to offer, something to give. 
in this life, the best way to feel alive is to be.
i believe in tipping big and giving away everything you can because it's not the material things that bring us true joy, it's the experiences we partake in and the memories that stem from them.
we all have dreams, but they won't come true if you don't take the 1st step.
so i'm here telling you to go, give, be.
be the first to give, the first to smile, the first to share your passion of the outdoors with those who have yet to experience it on the level we have.
SHARE your passion.
SHOW how you feel.
BE honest with yourself and others.
GIVE'R your all in everything you do.