Kelley Swiney

  columbus, ohio

When asked what Give'r means to me, my mind starts racing in a million different directions.  This is representative of my life, as I am surrounded by extraordinary people and activities that I passionately dedicate my time towards.  For me, choosing to Give’r represents the ongoing balance of all the things important to me: managing family, dedication to work, volunteering for others, exercising and maintaining good health, parenting my two energetic boys, increasing Breast Cancer awareness and making the most of each day with friends that mean the world to me.

I am a mother of two, living in Columbus Ohio.  I work full time as a Realtor…and full time as a mom.  My husband Tim and I try to spend as much time together as a family as posssible, with an emphasis on time spent outside – rafting, swimming, fishing, paddle boarding, biking or just playing in the grass.  I feel that spending time in the moment, doing things that you love and teaching those ideals to your children is one of our most important jobs as a parent.  Whenever I read the Give'r philosophy or tell people what Give'r means, I always find myself saying "if I can raise my two boys to believe in and live a life dedicated to the Give'r philosophy, then I would feel like I have succeeded as a mother".  When not looking after my boys or helping people buy and sell houses in Central Ohio, I strive to stay fit and active.  My love for running, hiking and all things outdoors combined with a passion for the trifecta of yoga, pilates and ballet barre that is Barre3 keeps me inspired in body and mind.

These elements describe me as a person, and how I connect to the Give’r lifestyle.  To me, “Give’r”  is to live life, thankful for each day, with passion and inspiration in ALL THAT YOU DO.  "Live today as if it is a gift.  Yesterday is the past, tomorrow is a mystery but today is a gift....that’s why they call it the present!"