You may be curious as to what the term "give'r" means and what this brand is all about. Below, you'll find the definition and philosophy that serves as the foundation of the give'r community. For further clarification, please check out Hugh Bette's blog and read the bios of our give'r Ambassadors. 

Welcome to give'r - Live Inspired

give'r definition:

To give your all, fully committing

give'r philosophy:

give'r promotes a lifestyle fueled by passion, purpose, challenge and adventure.
We aim to inspire the unrelenting pursuit of dreams, the confidence to take the road less traveled, and the desire to share the wonders of life with others.
give'r represents an inclusive lifestyle embodied by those who frequently ask the question, "Why not?".
Whether young or old, extreme or the rookie, give'r is characterized by all who aspire to live inspired. 
It is a call to action that combines ambitions and the courage to hold your head high... and just give'r!