Ross Perrot

Telluride, CO

Choosing to Give’r is sneaking to the crag after your 9-5 job and climbing until its dark. It’s bringing a headlamp and climbing when the sun sets. It’s getting up at 4:30am to get pitches in before work. It’s getting back up and sending it after you’ve taken heinous falls and ripped out pieces. It’s having even more enthusiasm and stoke for when your friends send it, than when you do yourself.  For me, it’s that brief moment, that juncture between down time and go time. You’ve tied your figure eight, tightened your shoes, safety checked with your belayer, glanced up at the hovering wall, and chalked your hands. “Time to Give’r!” has become somewhat of a mantra that John Williams first shared with me. It’s time to commit. It’s time to give it 110%. It’s time to leave it all there on the wall. No regrets, no “I wish I would haves”, and no excuses.

“Time to Give’r” is something I share with anyone I have the pleasure of sharing a rope with. Climbing has fueled my passion for purpose, challenge, adventure, and the outdoors. Whether I’m taking my students top-roping, guiding clients, or sharing pitches with a close friend, the passion for sharing something that I love is what keeps me climbing.

When Ross Perrot isn’t at the Telluride crags, he can usually be found teaching coaching the park team for the Telluride Ski and Snowboard Club on the weekends and working at the Telluride Mountain School.