Ryan Burke

Give'r Ambassador Ryan Burke, Jackson Hole, WY, PC: Hanna Strauss
Jackson, WY

Ryan Burke is a Jackson local who spends the majority of his time exploring the Tetons as an endurance mountaineer while squeezing in a full time job as an addictions counselor on the side. Choosing to Give'r yields some incredibly unique and interesting paths in life, and for Ryan, he doesn't hesitate to charge into any uncharted waters ready to soak up any challenges and new opportunities.

Recent accomplishments include running the Grand Teton three times in a day, traversing 50 peaks in seven days, and mostly overcoming his compulsive donut eating habit. If you want him to talk your ear off just mention evolutionary psychology or neuroscience and clear your calendar for the next three hours.

Burke is most excited, however, when discussing The Mindstrength Project.  A venture he developed that pairs mountain athletes and people with addictions in an effort to help both groups learn risk composure skills. In the program, athletes and addicts learn meditative coping skills and then practice those techniques under stressful physical and mental conditions. This “meditation in motion” program helps Burke give back to the community that has given so much to him.