Shane Williams

casper, wy

My name is Shane Williams and I am coming up on 27 years old. I have lived in Wyoming most of my life, although I have traveled all over North America. Wyoming has given me many wonderful experiences in it's vast wide open spaces, everything from hiking and fishing to hunting and various snow sports. But a few years ago my eyes were truly opened when I began rock climbing. I have always had an addiction to adrenaline and had always been searching for the next thing to push me. But with rock climbing I am constantly able to push myself both physically and mentally. Rock climbing has given me something that not only grounds me and leaves me speechless every time it takes me some where new, but it also always leaves me begging for more coming home. It has also given me the opportunity to be proactive within not only my local community but also within my state and region with anything from developing new areas to teaching the younger and upcoming generation. My goals for this year are to remain healthy and motivated and to get out more days this year than last year. I have many specific climbs I want to send in the state and region, some will be easier than other but all that will go this year.