A Fleeting Fall: The Shortest Season in Jackson Hole

Between the days we spend soaking up the sun and playing in the snow is a short and magical season of fall here in the Tetons. It arrives quickly and leaves even faster, initiating the bundling required by winter in a mountain town. 

The temperatures start to drop – first at night, then in the mornings too. The aspens turn from green to yellow. The elk bugle and call out for a mate after a summer of independence. We grab our beanies, Classic Gloves, and thicker coats, and hold tightly to the last of the summer activities we can squeeze in before the trails are coated in snow and the lakes freeze into ice. 

We clean out our garages and dig out our snow shovels. We slow down just a little bit and maybe eat a little more mimicking the patterns of the bears and other animals preparing to hibernate.

We simultaneously mourn the end of seemingly endless summer days and celebrate the start of our favorite season that’s entirely defined by snow. We start to think towards the holidays, our families, our communities, what we’re grateful for, and how we’ve grown. 

We get so excited to ski. We gather around fires and chop wood. It is both a fleeting and essential transition – a peaceful couple weeks between the season of wildfires and the season of blizzards that reminds us to remember our roots and express gratitude. 

Living in a place like Jackson requires us to embrace every season’s bounty and challenges too, holding loosely to each one knowing it will soon fade into the next. Making gear that endures the harshest weather of the Tetons means that it’s up for anything, and we’re grateful to be in the business of supporting you to continue whatever it is you pursue no matter the season. Happy fall, Give’r family. Here’s to hunkering down for the best winter yet.

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