Out on Thin Ice

After the aspens shed their leaves and just before the snow falls in a special time of the year when it’s cold but not quite ski season. This year, the snow held off for quite a while, not falling heavily until late December. Our skis were waxed, our boards were ready but there was nothing but dirt on the ground.

Given'r on ice

Some may call cold temperatures and no snow a special sort of hell, others see it as an opportunity to go on a different kind of winter adventure. Here at Give’r, we believe in turning bitter cold weather lemons into lemonade. So instead of sitting inside, we headed out to have some fun on the ice…

Give'r on Ice

Whether you’re a rippin’ hockey player or a figure skating queen, fresh, open-air lake ice is a special experience that’s nothing short of magical. When we first arrived at the lake, the majority of it was actually not frozen. Bummed but still down to make an adventure out of post-holing around and just being outside we checked it out anyways. One by one tested our weight on the inconsistent ice.

Classic Give'r Gloves

All's well that ends well, and no one fell through. Some of us practiced our triple axles while others inched out further, shaky scoot by scoot (including Barkley the dog). Heading out into the cold to scout out the ice reminded us the possibilities outdoors are endless, there is always more to learn, and, every once in a while, it pays off to take a chance and head out onto thin ice.

Given'r on Ice

Even though we didn’t have much snow at the time, temperatures were still extremely cold. After about an hour of running around at our different speeds we collectively decided it was time to warm up and aprés with cider and hot chocolate back at the truck.

Give'r Classic Gloves

We’re grateful for this day of trying something new, slowing down a little bit, and embracing the chill that provides all the winter fun. This season, we challenge you to try a different outdoor winter activity. If you like to ski fast, try skiing slow! If you like to go slow, try going a little faster. And remember – you don’t need new gear or 100% of the set up to try it out. Visit your local second hand gear store or ask a friend if you can borrow and go for it even before you feel perfectly ready. Sometimes just a walk around the neighborhood to feel the cold on your cheeks is the refreshment needed. Shifting speeds and becoming a beginner again may open you up to new possibilities or might just make you that much more grateful for what you already love.


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