Valentine's Day With A Personal Touch

Warmth is kind of our thing. That’s no secret. Products like our Frontier Mittens and 4-Season Gloves will keep your hands so warm that even the harshest days of the year feel like nothin’. But this season we want your heart to be just as warm as your hands.

Couple in Frontier Mittens holding hands

Handwarming Hearts

For a limited time, we are offering a special Valentine’s Day heart customization option in addition to our year-round individual branding offerings.

What does that mean for you? It means if you type a question mark (?) into the initials box on any glove or mitten product page, that question mark will notify the folks over at our headquarters in Jackson Hole that you want a big ol’ heart seared in its place.

Guide To Heart Branding

So go ahead and get creative! You can mix and match with letters or numbers and include up to three characters. But if you need some inspiration, here’s a few examples to get you started.

If you type ???, we will brand ♥♥♥.

If you type J?H, we will brand J♥H.

And if you type a single ?, we will brand a single ♥.

The outdoors are best enjoyed in the company of a loved one – someone to take in those stunning views with you, show you new paths you haven’t traveled, and sit and laugh when plans fall apart.

That’s what we envision these hearts symbolizing for you. Because as the daily grind marches forth as it does through these long winter months, it can be easy to forget the little things that life is all about. Don’t lose sight of ‘em.

If you are new to our process of custom branding, let us fill you in a bit. First, we clamp the gloves down to create an even surface, stretch the leather, and avoid any slip-ups. Then, we take our branding pen and burn your initials into the leather. Since these are all done by hand and not by machine, no two gloves will look quite alike! But we assure you, our HQ Crew are some of the steadiest hands in the West. So get the gift that is made to last, works as hard as you do, and always shows up.

As always, get out and give’r. We’ve got you covered.

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