The Give’r New Year

Give’r…to give your all. Making the most of opportunity and having no regrets.

The closing of a year brings about many opportunities…

To reflect on the past year:
You can look back on the challenges you’ve overcome and appreciate the resulting growth. You can appreciate the skills or talents acquired through trying something new. You can recognize your achievements and give yourself a moment to be proud of what you’ve accomplished.

To appreciate all in the present: You can take a moment to be thankful for the many relationships you have. From close friends and family to those you’ve recently met - true connections to others should be valued and appreciated. Additionally, you can be grateful for health, happiness and each day we’re given to be, and truly feel, alive.

To look at what lies ahead: With an unscripted future, you can look ahead at where you want to be, what you aspire to accomplish and the type of person you will become. The start of the calendar year provides a concrete starting block to make big moves. You can dream big and set goals…then develop and organize the pieces to find out how to get there.

Here at Give’r, we are psyched about all that has happened in the past year. As individuals, we have pushed ourselves to make the most of every day and opportunity. As a company, we have challenged ourselves to develop the most fun, comfortable and straightforward apparel and accessories possible, made for the Give’r in us all. We appreciate our Ambassadors and each member of the Give’r community, as they fuel the inspiration behind the Give’r brand and lifestyle. The interactions, stories and pictures are real and powerful, and the ramifications are astounding. We are jacked up about all that lies ahead and can’t wait to charge into the New Year. Equipped with big ideas, great people and the support of many, we are ready to Give’r in 2014.

Happy New Year,
Hugh Bette and The Give’r Team

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Dave lapointe
Dave lapointe

December 31, 2013

Hey give’r Team!

i Hope this finds you all well. Love your concept, photos and apparell. is it possible to have you design a winter tuuk hat for me? black with your logo in bright red, would be sweet! i noticed that you only have beenies right now. would love to represent give’r on the east coast. please pass my best along to jed M. we went to high school and college together.

happy 2014!

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