Koozie, Croozie, Neck Coozie or Coozie-Kroakie?

The concept of an insulated can holder that hangs around ones neck gives way to many different names.  Is it a croozie, a koozie, a coozie-kroakie or a neck coozie?  While all are correct in some way, we prefer The Give'r River Runner...the neck coozie born in the waters where your beverage could not be set down safely, and your activity required the use of both hands.

This dilemma of keeping a beverage close by while keeping your hands free for action gave way to several prototypes, most of which were pretty rustic and rather junior varsity.  Following extensive research and development and trial and error, the Give'r River Runner Neck Coozie evolved to its current form, which is nothing short of gorgeous.

Featuring built-to-last sturdy construction, a non-abrasive smooth neck strap and general ability to stretch and flex with neoprene material, this accessory gets it done, day in, day out; season after season, and year after year.  The simple yet beautiful functionality of the River Runner is only fully understood once on your neck...from there, we can't wait to hear how much you love it.

Give'r recently partnered with Bud Light and their Whatever, USA campaign in creating custom River Runners for their fans and the fortunate thousand who won tickets to the 3-day event.  These fans were selected on the basis of being #UpForWhatever...which we see as synonymous with being Ready to Give'r.


Hugh Bette



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