Let's Give'r

    Some frown when wearing the same clothes as others.  Whether it is a dress code, a uniform or items of flare that are required by your place of business - it can be bad news bears.  But when thinking about it, there are plenty of times when wearing the same items as others has brought me great joy.  "Wait a second", you say, "give me an example, cause I don't buy it!"  Okay, I'll give you five:

1 - Weddings.  There is no occasion you'll find more with joy and happiness than a wedding.  A wedding party dressed in unison, flanking the couple to be, is quite an incredible sight. 

2 - Decked out in hunting gear.  It is practically impossible to be surrounded by people who are wearing camo/blaze orange, and not be having an awesome time.

3 - Team Sports.  You take pride in your jersey...the colors, the numbers and that you are one part of the team.  And, you know you've got your teammates' back, and they've got yours too.

4 - Holidays.  Santa Hats and Tacky Sweaters for Christmas.  Red, White and Blue for America's Independence Day.  Dressing as the Mighty Ducks For Halloween with your friends.  Yes, think Charlie Conway, Fulton, Goldberg the goalie.  You get it. 

5 - Give'r Gear.  When the person to your left, or right, is sporting some give'r gear, you can be pretty darn sure you're in a good place.  If passing a stranger on the street, spotting someone on the river, or passing by another on the trail, you share an unspoken understanding with them.  They get it, and you get it.  You know what it means to Live Inspired.

Hugh Bette

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