Jackson Hole Mountain Resort Apres Ski

    There are many beautiful things about ski season.  The snow and mountains provide an opportunity to get outside in the fresh air, socialize and meet new people, push yourself and get a little exercise (maybe a stretch).  Whether a clear day or dumping snow, you connect with the elements.  Sometimes it is Vitamin D and zinc oxide, other times it is frozen boogers and wind burn.  Either way, being on the mountain brings something alive in us that is tough to find elsewhere in the cold winter months.  Sure, you may yard sale under the chair lift and get laughed at by a 6 year-old shredder, or forget to unclip your snowboard when getting in the lift line, but that is all small potatoes.  What matters is that you are getting out there and sharing an experience, whether the next Shaun White or Bunny Hill Hero, it is all about the experience.
    And one of the best parts of the day, is the Apres.  Yes, that is French, and no, you don't have to speak French to use the term.  Apres Ski or "After Ski" is a chance to gather around some friends and maybe a cold wobbly-pop and chat about the days adventures.  A lot of laughs, hopefully some tunes, and the fading hours of daylight combine for the perfect conclusion to the day.  In these moments, amidst the laughs and bustling social scene, I often look up at the mountain and think to myself, "This is a great day to be alive".


Hugh Bette

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