Cheers to Give'r Supporters

In order to take on a new challenge or opportunity, I feel there two requirements that must be met.  First, you must possess the inner drive and desire to take the leap, not knowing the outcome.  Whether playing guitar in front of a crowd for the first time, submitting an application in pursuit of your dream job, or taking on a new sport or activity, one must possess the courage to take on the unknown from within.  Second, one must gain the support of those around them (family, friends, co-workers etc.) to provide external motivation to roll the dice.  At some point in each of our lives, we were "beginners" at everything we do, and most often, it is due to the encouragement of others that we are able to learn and grow.

Knowing and believing in the power of exterior support, we feel it necessary to thank all those who have supported the idea and philosophy of Give'r.  Because without these friends, family and mentors, Give'r would be nothing more than some scribbles on a napkin and a dream that never reached the light of day.

Cheers and Thank You,
Hugh Bette


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