Hello Spring, Good to See You


    During the changing of the seasons from winter to spring, one can only accept and celebrate the previous, and anticipate the next.  'Tis the only way to go about it.  You can't change the past, and you, at the very least, should be excited for the unknown that lies ahead.  Cue antagonist, "Bullroar Hugh Bette!  You're talking crazy.  Spring brings wet snow, pollen, allergies, bugs, sweat, rain, and mud.  How am I supposed to be excited about that?".  Hold please, let me put on my Give'r hat:

Wet Snow = Snowballs to be thrown and, with the runoff, rapids to be run.
Pollen = Come on, get over it (hachew).  Plants don't just make themselves (haaachew).  Should we rid the world of all plant life?
(haaaachew).  Didn't think so.  (That's called a three banger).
Bugs = Fish eat lots of bugs.  Fish are great to eat and fun to catch.  Should try to imitate bugs to catch fish.  Give'r.
Sweat = We didn't get where we are by sitting on our bums (borntorun.org).
Rain = Sure, tough to beat a bluebird day, but the stuff is relatively important to pretty much everything.
Mud = Doesn't hurt to get your hands or self dirty every once in a while...life's too short to be clean all the time.

That's just the "glass half full" way of looking at things.  Or should I say, the Give'r way.

-Hachewww Bette

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