Give'r in Still Form

    There is little argument that experiencing something in the flesh has no substitute.  Seeing a sporting event, for instance, surrounded by hundreds or thousands of fans is the real deal.  Sure, with the TVs today, you can see each pore on a players face, but the event itself - the atmosphere, the camaraderie, the sounds and the sights...those memories sink in.  The same can be said for limitless experiences, whether outdoor or indoor, in your own back yard or in a foreign country, solo or with others, there is no competition for active engagement.
    In these moments of unique experiences, I enjoy taking a moment here and there to capture a still snapshot using a camera.  Polaroid, disposable, digital, phone or 35mm...they all work and serve the same purpose.  Capturing a visual image of an experience that you want to remember.  The captured image tells a story to others, and most importantly reminds yourself, of a moment when you decided to Give'r.  Yes, if all you are doing is taking pictures, you lose sight of the experience.  But, taking two or three seconds every now and then to snap a picture, will provide something to reflect on in the future.
    While we wish we could Give'r all the time, that is simply unrealistic.  We are often limited with where we can go and what we can do.  So, when you have the ability to reflect on an experience after the fact in looking at photographs, you are able to relive the moments and joys of a time when you chose to Give'r, and bring you all the more close to your next adventure.

As I know many can relate to this philosophy, I urge you to share your pictures with the Give'r photo contest
( and show us your favorite first-hand Give'r experience.  The picture below, courtesy of my good friend Tim Swiney, needs no explanation...only appreciation.


Right on Tim,
Hugh Bette

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